Obviously, if you’re going to be doing something new, then to a degree you’re destroying whatever preceded it.  – Alan Moore


This is the deconstruction of the “Super Hero” genre. We’ve taken an enduring ‘character’ the ‘billionaire vigilante’ and stripped him of his latex suit and fabulous toys, we’ve taken his money away and tossed him in prison, just to see if he can recover.


How does a Superhero start over when the world he tried to protect has not only turned on him but has forgotten him, allows him to lose everything, become homeless, starve, and struggle? Is it possible to recover, will he break? Will he rediscover his humanity when once he was a God?


All the while the biggest mystery of all shadows him. Past traumas claw their way from the inside. These are real situations that all people must wrestle with and perhaps this is the first time that our Superhero has ever had to deal with these universal problem.


We did not start this film with an expectation that it was going to be a BLOCKBUSTER. This film is for a very select audience who are fans and who have been craving this idea of a superhero based in the real world. No latex suits, cg monsters and explosions, but instead a real plot, real action, and real people.